Recruitment Guidelines

If you have these abilities, there is a place for you at our company!

•	Independence
Able to proactively find and deal with work without waiting for instructions.
•	Ability to plan ahead
Able to define several processes for problem solving, judge which solution would be the best, and make the preparations required to execute that solution.
•	Ability to move forward
Able to communicate with others, take in comments and steadily execute plans.

We are seeking individuals with the following engineering backgrounds and specialties.

Electricity and electronics / Machinery / Math and Physics / Information and Management Engineering / Applied Physics / Civil Engineering and Construction
Worksite Head Office: 48 Fukami, Kamikayazu, Ama City, Aichi
Hours 8:00~17:00
Day off and vacation time Two days off per week (In January, February and March, work on two Saturdays per month) Total of 119 days off, plus paid vacation time, special occasion leave for celebrations or condolences, special holidays
Benefits Baseball game tickets (Nagoya Dome annual reserved seats)
Job type
Production and Technology Designing, data analysis and other development tasks
General Sales, quality control, production control, etc.
Main tasks Receiving orders for automobile parts, collecting information of clients, technical negotiations, etc.